• Length: Up to 45"
  • Origin: Ghana, West Africa
  • Type: Tie-On
  • Bead: Glass
  • Social Impact: Our beads are strung by women in Ghana, West Africa. Profits are used to increase entrepreneurship opportunities for Rural African Women.

$3.50 Flat Rate Shipping 

All orders placed before 3pm M-F ships the same day.

Black-Owned & Operated 

100% African-American owned & Operated.

Money-Back Guarantee 

Extremely easy 14 day return & refund process.

Thick Cotton Threaded

Waist beads are authentically made with Cotton Thread. Our are  super durable.

Authentic African Beadwork

Beads are strung in Ghana, West Africa

Made In Ghana

Beads are made from African recycled glass 

Supports Women Entrepreneurs

Profit are used to support West African entrepreneurs.

How To Tie Waist Beads

 Watch this video to learn how to tie authentic African Waist beads.
1.Untie Beads
2.Wrap beads around your waist for measuring purposes
3.Tie a double knot to permanently secure waist beads
4.Cut excess string with scissors.

What Does The Colors Of African Waist Beads Means?

  • Reds: Urgency. Daring. Energy! Often paired with green in order to represent female childbirth.
  • Yellow: Yellow is most associated with positivity. Emotions like happy, jolly, joyful and fun.
  • Black: Shares an ominousness with red but more mysterious. Power, evil and death
  • Blues: Element of calm and contemplation, of peace and affection. A subdued and soothing tone.
  • Purple: Purple is associated with words such as royalty, wisdom, passion and luxury.
  • Grey: Symbolizes ash, as well as cleansing and healing rituals. Perfect for transformation.
  • White: The colour most paired with the concept of purity, light and hope. Often used to depict deities.
  • Gold: Wealth in a number of forms, namely high status, monetary wealth and royalty, but also fertility and spiritual purity
  • Green: It is a colour associated with new life, growth, freshness, birth, rebirth and fertility.
  • Orange: The color of Hope. Increases energy, vitality and creativity. Symbolic to renewing youthfulness.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise has a strong link to the color of the ocean. As such, it is connected to calmness and peace.

Authentic African Waist Beads

Simply beautiful. These beads are definitely made in Ghana.They look exactly like ones I purchased last year while vacationing.

Jamie M. / 9-21-2020

Verified Purchase

Long-Lasting Shine

Nice shine and 45" long. The band isn't elastic like some cheaper products which means the more weight I gained, the tighter they become. Definitely help

Amy K / 7-14-2020

Verified Purchase

Great Color and Bead Size

Great Color and Bead Size

This is my third order. I expected micro beads but I received thicker than average beads at the same price. Thanks

Samantha U. / 6-09-2019

Verified Purchase

Fast Shipping Even During Covid!

Fast Shipping Even During Covid!

I received my tracking number 45 minutes after ordering and USPS tracking confirmed they received my packaging the same day. Excellent!

Pamela T. / 1-21-2021

Verified Purchase