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Our Mission

Empowering Women In Ghana

Beads Of Africa is a Black-Owned, Family Lead brand owned and operated by The Davis Family in DFW, Texas. We import beads from Africa to provide a livelihood for rural bead makers across Africa. All of Beads of africa beads are made and strung in Africa. We sell only 100% African strung beads jewelry.

Beyond Fair Trade

Fair Trade standards has been around for decades but little research support if efficacy. We've developed a beyond fair trade model named prosperous trade. The prices we pay are measured against a prosperous wage in the region and not the market price which is often below governmental minimal wages.

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How To Tie Waist Beads

1.Untie Beads

2.Wrap beads around your waist for measuring purposes

3.Tie a double knot to permanently secure waist beads

4.Cut excess string with scissors.

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100% Black Family Owned


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Women Owned & Operated


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100% African Sourced


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