Authentic African Waist Beads

We are beautiful and confident.

African Waist Beads are the ultimate multi-functional fashion statement.

Embrace Your Sexy

Adorn Your Waist With Something Sensual

Track Your Fitness

The Ultimate Real Time Weight Tracking Device.

Lift Your Spirit

Unlock Your Chakra and Cleanse Your Spirit.

Manifest Destiny

Manifest your fertility with African Waist Beads.



Treat Your Belly To Some Beads

I love her curves, and the thickness of her body How she can be both nice, and really naughty The fullness of her breasts, smoothness of her thighs And that perfect nicely round booty, my oh my Cuddly and warm, when she's wrapped in my arms Bubbly personalities, cute sweetness charms And when she walks down the block, the sways from her hips All men can't help but stare, and slyly lick their lips Ill pass on stick figure women, I like mine with some meat Curvy women are the ones, who sweep me off my feet Curves, Curves, Curves, oh I love them a lot Cause that's exactly what my baby's got.

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Celebrating Waist Beads & Black Love All Year Round


Waist beads help with sexual intimacy– during sex, body movements are accentuated when beads are worn thereby drawing the attention of the man to the woman’s hips, bum, thighs and movement. The sound and feel of the beads between two heated bodies during intercourse, creates a sea of excitement for both of them.

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