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FaQs. General Information

How to measure my waist?

Get a measuring tape, stand up straight, and wrap it around your waist until snug. Depending on where you’d like to wear your beads, measure either above over, or under your navel.

Where should I wear my waist beads?

You can wear your waist beads either above, around, or under your navel. You can measure them to fit around your hips as well. For weight tracking, wear around the area you wish to track. For fashion, and sensuality women wear them around the lower hips .

Are Waist Beads only for Black People?

No. Waist beads can be worn by anyone who is aware of their reasons for wearing them and those who understand the culture behind them. Just remember to away give credit to "Africa" regardless of the brand or modifications made.

Should I use clasp or tie on waist beads?

Clasp waist beads have the ability to be adjusted, are typically ready to wear, and can be removed and put back on at any time, while tie-on waist beads are meant to be worn at all times because once they’re in a knot, they are difficult to undo. Another option is to cut tie-on waist beads and readjust them to your new size if you’ve lost weight. It’s all a matter of preference, really.

Should I take off waist beads? How do I clean them?

If your waist beads have become too tight, it’s probably time to remove and replace them. Our waist beads do not require special cleaning. Normal bathing should suffice. You may resume your daily activities with them, such as bathing/showering, working out, sleeping, etc.

How Fast Do You Ship?

We quote 1-2 Day processing time for pre-made waist beads but we usually pack and ship the same day.

How often to change my waist beads?

Waist beads can be changed as often as you’d like, but are typically done so every 3 months.

What are healing crystals and how do they help?

Healing crystals are semiprecious crystals such as rose quartz, obsidian, amethyst, and jasper that are used to provide natural energy and have positive effects on the body and mind.

How to tie my waist beads?

Wrap the waist beads snugly around your waist or where you desire to wear them, pushing any excess beads towards the end (make a knot at the end to prevent them from slipping off before you cut), and tie them into 2-3 knots. Because our beads do not stretch, make sure to still leave enough bending room as making them too tight will result in them breaking. Because all of our beads are tie-on, you may have to cut your strands to fit your size. Trim off excess beads/string (remember to do this AFTER the beads are tied around your waist).

What is the length of your beads?

Our pre-made beads are 45" and can be extended to 60" upon request.

What do the colors mean?

Waist bead colors and meanings can be found HERE

Where do your beads from?

Our standard Pre-made beads are all sourced from Ghana, West Africa.

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