History Of African Beads

History Of African Beads - Beads Of Africa

It might just be the prettiest trend you’ll never see.Oh, you might get a peek now and then. Tica Bowden says she spies glimpses of color all the time lately, as a woman leans over a certain way and the glistening glow of her African waist beads makes a coy cameo appearance.They’re everywhere, but “they’re not for show,” said Bowden, owner of Creative Waist Beads by Journey Armon (her children’s names) in Oakland. “In African tradition, waist beads are meant to be worn under clothing,” she said. “They’re for you. It’s personal. The meaning of the colors varies with every tribe — it’s kind of like visual dialects. And here in America it’s certainly a form of personal expression and individual interpretation. They’re for all women — any body type, any race, any background.”Think of them as colorful strands of femininity — vibrant glass or clay beads, gemstones, pieces of horn, shells and sometimes gold...

Waist Beads Color Meaning & Color Combinations

Meaning Of Waist Bead Colors - Beads Of Africa

Waist Beads: What are the meanings of the colors and stones? There are a lot of styles, colors, and materials to choose from. The color or your waist beads can be rich with symbolism if you so choose. Each color and stone attached to waist beads is associated with a specific meaning. In this article we discuss the meaning of the colors of waist beads.